Sunday, December 4, 2011

ABC Puzzles

  • 1 printed cardstock alphabet guide
  • 1 set of upper and lowercase alphabet letters
  • 1 set of picture puzzle pieces

Activity Ideas: 
  1. Have children match the capital letters with the lowercase letters (you can start with just a few of the letters at a time)
  2. Have children match the picture pieces to make the picture
  3. Have children match the pictures with the letter of the alphabet.

Other ideas for learning the Alphabet:
  • Have children find items in the room that start with the different letters of the Alphabet.
  • Have a "letter party" - choose a "letter of the day" and do activities and eat foods that start with that letter. (For example, B: you could Bake Bread, make Butter, play with Balloons, eat Beans & Brats, etc.)
picture puzzle pieces (correspond to a letter of the alphabet)

Jillian, 20 months old
Jillian doesn't understand the alphabet yet, but liked looking at the cards and holding them in her hands. She matched the pieces on her own terms. I think if I pick out pictures of things she recognizes out of the picture puzzle pieces, she'd be able to pair them together.

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