Saturday, December 10, 2011

Double Trouble Shape Match

  • Cardstock with grid printed on it
  • Foam shapes (2 of each)

How to make: 
Instructions for making the Double Trouble Shape Matching game can be found at Walking by the Way.

Purpose: look at the stacked shape in the top square and make a duplicate stacked shape in the square below.

Skill-Building: color, shade of color, shape, size of shape, orientation of shape, order of shapes, glitter vs. non-glitter

Younger Children: talk about the shapes and color; which comes first (on the bottom) and which comes next (on the top); look at different sizes of shapes

Older Children: stress proper orientation of the shapes in the stack; have the child do the opposite (i.e., if the stacked shape is a yellow heart on the blue square, have the child stack a blue heart on a yellow square)

Extra activity: Print a blank grid and use loose shapes to build stacks for your child to duplicate.

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