Sunday, March 25, 2012

Clothes Line

  • 1 string or ribbon at least 3-4 feet long 
  • 15-20 clothespins 
  • various colored felt

How to Make:
Print out pattern from here or draw some miniature clothing patterns.  Pin the patterns to felt (or trace onto felt) and cut out.

How to Use:
Tie or clip the string between two chairs or large objects. Have your child use the clothespins to attach the miniature clothing to the string.

Outdoor Laundromat (for older children)
Hang the clothesline outside between two chairs or objects. Give your child a tub of water with a little soap in it and a tub with water for rinsing. Let your child "wash" the miniature clothes in the tub of soapy water, rinse in the second tub and then hang the clothes to dry.

Clothing Patterns
Cut out miniature clothing in four different colors or fabrics. Have your child hang them on the line in a pattern (e.g. two blues, two greens, two yellows, two purples, repeat).

Resources/Inspiration for this Project: 
  1. Money Saving Mom: Clothesline Busy Bag

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