Saturday, March 3, 2012

Letter and Number Lacing Tags

  • colored cardstock paper
  • letter and number stickers
  • laminator
  • hole punch
  • string to thread letter/number tags on.

How to Make:
To make the tags you will need to cut the colored cardstock paper in to small squares or rectangles big enough for the letter or number stickers to fit on, plus room at the top for the hole punches. Put on one letter or number per card stock piece and laminate. Cut out tags and punch two holes above each tag (see picture above).

How to Use:
Lacing tags are perfect for developing fine motor skills as well as letter and number identification and sequencing skills.

Children can lace the cards in any order they wish or they can lace them in alphabetical and numerical order. They can also do patterns with the numbers and alphabet.

Resources/Inspiration for this project:
  1. Child Care Land: Teaching Ideas Page 1

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