Sunday, March 25, 2012

Planting Seeds

  • small ziplock bags
  • paper towels
  • seeds (our swap sets included pumpkin, banana squash and pawpaw tree seeds)

How to Make:
Place folded paper towel in ziplock baggie, and a few seeds near the bottom of the bag. 

How to Use:
Wet the paper towel and place back in the ziplock baggie. Replace seeds. Seal the baggie (leaving air in the bag) and tape baggies to a sunny window. Once the seeds start to sprout and grow roots you can (if so desired) plant them in soil outside or in a container pot. Once you open the baggies, they will smell terrible! Be prepared!

Resources/Inspiration for this project:
  1. Preschool Plan-It: Planting Seeds
  2. National Gardening Association
  3. California Rare Fruit Growers: PawPaw Fruit Facts

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