Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pony Bead Counting

  • pipe cleaners
  • cardstock paper
  • marker or printed numbers
  • pony beads (our swap bags included round and star shaped beads in 14 different colors)
  • laminator

How to Make:
Cut tabs of cardstock, number, laminate. Punch hole near bottom of tab. Wrap pipe cleaner around hole. 

How to Use:
Place the number of pony beads noted on each pipe cleaners tab. Practice fine motor skills, counting 1 to 20 (each tab is numbered), colors and shapes (14 different colors of round and star shaped beads), patterns or sequences.

Sample One: Tab with “16” on top & star on back:
Ask them to place 16 “star” shaped beads on the pipe cleaner

Sample Two: Tab with “6” on top:
Make a pattern of Rainbow colors but only with the number of beads as on the tab


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