Monday, March 26, 2012

Swap #2

Our second swap was a great success. We all have 16 new activities to share with our toddlers and preschool children!

Activities in this swap included (instructions/details about each are coming soon):
  1. Letter and Number Lacing Tags
  2. Writing Skill Cards
  3. Alphabet Floor Dominoes
  4. A to Z Spoon Matchup
  5. Popsicle Stick Shapes
  6. Eye Spy Bottle
  7. Pony Bead Counting
  8. Playdough Counting Cards
  9. Color Matching Game
  10. Size Sequencing
  11. Clothes Line
  12. Brown Bear Puzzle Pictures
  13. Popsicle Color Matching
  14. Fishing Game
  15. "I have, Who has" shape game
  16. Planting Seeds

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